FOPA Membership

We invite supporters of law enforcement to join our ranks TODAY!  

It is time for the silent majority to be heard and recognized.  The FOPA has many programs to keep you involved. We are proud to support many deserving programs.  FOPA Members have accomplished a great deal. Members are kept up-to-date on pending legislation.   Receive the Ohio Police Magazine and Monthly Newsletter. Attend Local meetings.  Even if you can’t be personally involved all of the time, just “being a member” is important to show our support of the Law and our Law Enforcement Professionals.  Membership application document links are below. If you have any questions about our lodge or FOPA, please feel free e-mail us.

After printing out application, just complete and mail in to address on document. We will contact you in a short period of time. Thank you.

F.O.P.A. Application (Word document)

F.O.P.A. Application (.pdf document)

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